Health insurance

The topic health insurance is probably the most complex and discussed insurance field in Switzerland. More than 40 insurance providers! Many different varieties of coverage even with the same health insurance provider.

  • Basic insurance

People living in Switzerland are legally obliged to take out mandatory basic health insurance. Mandatory insurance covers the costs of treatment in the event of illness, accident and maternity within the scope of the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal). It is designed to provide solid basic care. But there are gaps in areas such as dental treatment, transport and rescue costs, and hospital treatment outside your canton of residence that are very expensive if you have to pay for them yourself.

All health insurance companies must offer the same benefits covered under the basic insurance policy. But the premium and the service vary enormously. An insurance provider can be in one canton pricy and in another canton very costly. It is impossible to put any health insurance provider in the cheap or expensive corner. The prices vary Swiss wide even from zip code to zip code in the same canton.

To affect the price of your basic health insurance is the choice of your yearly deductible and the insurance model like HMO, general practitioner, or Telmed.

  • Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance is not a form of social security. You decide whether you want it or not, and insurance companies, in contrast to basic insurance, are not obliged to offer you the desired cover. The insurance companies can also adjust the premiums to take account of your age, state of health or gender.

Following points and more can be insured with the supplementary insurance:

  • Glasses & contact lenses
  • Coverage abroad
  • Elective treatment abroad
  • Fitness
  • Hospital insurance
  • Many more....

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