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This is about us

Sturgess GmbH is specialized in identifying insurance solutions for Expats and English speaking clients.

As an independent insurance broker, we do collaborate with all major insurance providers which are on the Swiss marked in order to elaborate the package that fits your needs best.

You are new in Switzerland and the Swiss insurance system is completely new to you? It would be a pleasure to support you by explaining the Swiss insurance system and helping you to find the right insurance solutions for you and your family.

You've been living in Switzerland for quite a while? We are the right partner to reduce your current insurance premiums and/ or to find a better coverage. There is not necessarily a need to change insurance provider to get better premiums. We can include discounts or exclude coverages which you don't need as well.

Our highest aim is to provide a first-class service to you!

  • Requests are going to be answered within 24 hours
  • Single point of contact for all insurance related questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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